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Because many of these fish are endangered, many hobbyists also like to keep and breed them to ensure their survival. They are mostly limited to green, gray, and black with patches of pale red or blue. The LowTech technique is therefore perfectly suited to the Bettas. Betta imbellis est très tolérant avec la chaleur et les températures hautes! 1 was here. They can be one of the largest in the Splendens complex - my foundation male was easily 3 inches in the body alone, and one of his daughters is close to approaching that size. The male will then show his beautiful colours to the female, swim at full speed to show his vitality and "dance" frantically around her. Rice plants, crypts, emergent arrow root, mosses; microrasboras, Betta imbellis, MTS, and either shadow catfish or kuhli loaches. Administering care for crowntail Betta fish may prove quite challenging but for a beginner all you need are some very few tips: ... it is fine to offer it a couple of times each week. Common name Peaceful betta Crescent betta. Size: 2″ inch, 5 cmLifespan: 4 yearsEase of Care: EasyMinimum Tank Size: 10 gallonsWater Type: Freshwater or brackish Ph 5.5 / 7.5 Gh 5/16 dgh Temperature: 70-82 °F , 21- 28 °CCompatibility: Other peaceful fish, excluding other Betta ImbellisDiet: Carnivorous. 13 watching (HB-501)*Red Winter Nemo Galaxy*High Quality Live PK Male Betta Fish USA . C'est certainement du à ses origines géographiques. Sois le premier informé des nouveautés en t’inscrivant à la newsletter. The LowTech technique is therefore perfectly suited to the Bettas. This species grows to a length of 6 cm (2.4 in). Only breed bettas if you have the room to do so, and to be prepared for lots of fry. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Choose what kind of wild betta you want to breed. Unlike splendens , Betta imbellis also tolerate the presence of other fish with ease, unless he feels endangered or during the breeding season, as the male especially will defend his bubble nest like a guard dog. - surface plants: they will be used as supports for the bubble nest. To be used as a supplement, not as a basic diet). J077(KSA-24) Blue Marble Plakat Male Betta. Their life expectancy, if kept in the right conditions, can easily reach four years. The problem is, that if you kill them to early you may kill the best ones, but by the time they are old enough to pick out the best ones they will be to big for dad to eat, he may kill them but it will hardly be in a humane way . Its behavior as a fish suitable for community aquariums also differs in its maximum size, which is around 5 cm. This is especially true in the upper part of the aquarium, where the Betta spend most of their time. Supplement occasionally with artemia, bloodworms and tubifex. Comme tous les représentants de la famille des Betta, les Imbellis sont de nature timide.Cependant, ils sont assez territoriaux et même si dans la plupart des cas ils éviteront les combats, ils peuvent devenir agressifs avec d'autres poissons enfreignant leur territoire (voire même les tuer dans certains cas). Often, plastic roll containers or pieces of tubing are used to offer potential nesting sites. Betta rubra are my favorite mouthbrooding bettas. 2. Betta Fish Cotton Face Mask Triple Layers With Filter Pocket Washable UK | eBay . Bonjour, J'aimerais savoir quelles espèces de bettas peuvent vivre en couple dans un 20L. Feel free to share this … $22.90. In terms of body coloring, the Betta imbellis is less attractive than the splendens, with fewer color combinations. The formation of the Labyrinth (secondary breathing organ) is a critical time in the growth of all Osphronemidae, and the first breath of this type can be fatal. It’s suspected that there’s a couple of 30% decline in inhabitants throughout its vary. See more of Giant Betta SHOP At Thailand on Facebook. Obviously, if your betta is attacking other tank mates then the chances are he’s going to attack your cherry shrimp. You will find them swimming just below the surface of the water. Translated with (free version). Betta imbellis Haltung; 05.03.2018, 21:57 Betta imbellis Haltung # 1. Ensure the feeding schedule is regular, and don’t worry if the fish doesn’t eat when stressed Bettas tend to go without food for up to 14 days before they die. No predators in the area... You have the choice of species among the MicroFish: Boraras, Microdevario kubotai, Danio margaritatus... Groundfish are also possible, preferably from Asian biotope. Not Now. The carnivorous nature of the Betta imbellis must be taken into account in order to feed them well, and more precisely its insectivorous tendency. Betta spawning is fairly easy to trigger. Signs Your Betta Will Attack Cherry Shrimp. Ich habe noch ein Cube mit 30l wo … Nevertheless, they can contribute to the variety of the diet, which encourages good health and beautiful colouring of your fish. Betta imbellis, This species has been extensively reproduced selectively to amplify its aggression in southern Thailand, where it is used in organized fighting, in the same way as Betta splendens elsewhere. - many plants: will be used for the visual isolation of the couple 11/08/2020 . La reproduction de Betta smaragdina est la même que celle de Betta imbellis et Betta … There are variants of this fish: Fantail, Penang, Ko Samui (endangered variety). While most populations are found in freshwater, some are found in coastal brackish marshes. However, the female is no longer actively involved as the male takes sole responsibility for protecting and caring for the nest. $15.00 shipping. For optimal growth rate, small amounts of different foods should be offered 2-3 times a day, and not too much water should be changed at one time, but small, regular changes are preferable. The growth of the fry is more delicate but remains accessible to passionate amateurs. To do this, prepare an aquarium as follows: The easiest way to determine is looking directly at the face scales of the fish, betta mahachaiensis will simply have a dark line through the middle and the scales will look like plates whereas betta Smaragdinas will have its cheeks fully covered in snakeskin like scales, unlike the Mahachai. ), aselles, grammars and mosquito larvae. You can give them chopped tubifex, daphnia, microworm or a little bit of artemia nauplia (be careful because they are salty and can cause digestion problems. Fiery female! These fish are carnivores so they eat meat. Les alevins tout juste nés sont très petits et ne mesurent que quelques millimètres. Create New Account. For his basic diet, propose live prey (ideal) or frozen prey. Sa fait longtemp que je n'aie pas postée , cette foiscije suis heureuse de vous annoncer que je vais lancee un nouvel aquarium !! If, on the other hand, you want to keep as many young fish as possible, you can take them out of the main aquarium and put them in a breeding aquarium (without contact with the air). When youngsters are 5 or 6 months old, they can switch to the same diet as adults. Je sais que ce n'est pas le cas des splendens, mais je n'ai pas le courage ( ) de parcourir la trentaine de fiches sur les bettas que j'ai pu trouver sur aquabase. I tried to get. The Betta imbellis is very similar to Betta splendens, and many times it isn’t easy to distinguish them. While you can never know for sure when your betta is going to attack cherry shrimp, there are often a couple of signs. The Betta imbellis are an omnivorous species. Edit: I am done with this post. Betta imbellis und mustard gas halfmoon betta kampffische . The Betta imbellis, also is known as the Peaceful Betta, is native to Southeast Asia and is one of the most popular wild type betta fish in the fishkeeping hobby. The word imbellis derives from the Latin and means “ peaceful, unfit for war,” a characteristic that the cousin Betta Splendens does not know. Once this one is finished, the courtship ritual begins. The betta fish that we purchase as pets are generally Betta splendens or B. imbellis, in any case, half breeds of these two species just as B. smaragdina are regular in the interest. I bought what were supposed to be 12 licorice gourami's, but only 6 of them are licorice gouramis and the rest are some sort of betta. Pour réussir la reproduction, une eau douce est indispensable. Betta pugnax works well in pairs, male Betta imbellis do display fights, and tolerate females, Betta fasciata form pairs and are belligerent only when spawning, and so on. Therefore, instead of offering your fish roots or fresh plants, it would need insect larvae, insects, or packaged Betta food. Be careful when you remove your mask to not touch your eyes, nose, mouth or the front part of your mask. 4 years ago. You will occasionally have a few young survivors if the aquarium is mature and densely planted. After a period of adaptation, the male ready to reproduce will build a nest of bubbles. It is the betta imbellis. Log In. The presence of MicroFish reassures the Betta. Like all representatives of the Betta family, the Imbellis are shy by nature. Bien que légèrement territorial , il se comporte généralement de manière pacifique avec les autres espèces. Water conditions tend to vary and change rapidly during the annual monsoon season. You will only feed this type of prey a maximum of twice a week as they are fatty and heavy foods. A wild betta known for its green/blue colors and dark ventrals. $35.90. Moreover, most of the imbellis will not accept the foods classically proposed in aquariums (granules, flakes...). The word imbellis derives from the Latin and means “ peaceful, unfit for war,” a characteristic that the cousin Betta Splendens does not know. Femelle : 15€ Mâle : 25€ Couple : 30€ B1 : Noir, bleu, rouge, 6mois . Betta imbellis Haltung Guten Abend zusammen ich habe abe ein paar Fragen zum Betta imbellis weil ich am überlegen bin nach der Anschaffung meines neuen Aquarium mein kleines Aquarium 60l (60x30x30) zu einem Betta Aquarium zu machen und da kommt der Betta imbellis infrage. Crystalbetta. This cycle is repeated until the female has laid all her eggs, which can take some time.The adults, after spawning, can usually be left in situ. Obviously, if your betta is attacking other tank mates then the chances are he’s going to attack your cherry shrimp. For Sale: Young female betta Ideii aprox 3 inches TL. I don't know much about the wild types of betta but I knew I had to get them. While you can never know for sure when your betta is going to attack cherry shrimp, there are often a couple of signs. The eggs are released in the open water during spawning, and the eggs will fall gently onto the substrate. 16/08/2020 . The unique combination of characters that distinguishes Betta imbellis from others in the group is as follows: Environment: benthopelagic, freshwater; tropical climate.It inhabits calm, slow-moving waters, including paddy fields, swamps, roadside ditches, streams, and ponds. @Naterjm You'll like these...A 29 gallon palludarium biotope of a Wyoming foothills spring creek. 30 watching (HB-364) Black Copper Fancy Big Tail Live Halfmoon Male Betta Fish High Quality . - no current $40.00. I don't remember thrm being with the chilis when she first got them. $40.00 (BBF. To limit mortality, close the rearing aquarium tightly and cover it well. Entretien aquarium betta. It is famous among long-time aquarists because it is a Betta that can live with its fellowmen […] They have a snake-like way of moving that is really gorgeous, especially during spawning. See more ideas about Betta, Tropical fish, Wet spot. However, they are quite territorial and although in most cases they will avoid fighting, they can become aggressive with other fish that violate their territory (even killing them in some cases). Address. During feeding time platies can become more aggressive and will eat all the food if they can. 100% Cotton face mask triple layers with filter pocket. Betta Imbellis Tank Build (and Help) Feb 24, 2018. But for optimum conditions should be offered regularly small live food and frozen as Daphnia, Artemia, or larvae of bloodworms (bloodworm). The LowTech technique is therefore perfectly suited to the Bettas. You can use a small sponge filter, which gently moves the water, but the idea is to breed them in an aquarium without a filter, provided that excellent water quality is maintained.The aquarium must be well covered (they are excellent jumpers) and leave some space between the water and the lid because, like all Bettas, they need a layer of warm and humid air that they can access when they have it want. ... (couple) Food. I have dropped this breeding thing, I am not doing it because it seems as if everyone says I can't handle it or I shouldn't do it at all. Entretien aquarium betta. Given their natural habitat (flooded holes, ditches, flooded fields, ponds...), the water must be as calm as possible in an aquarium in Combattant (see no current at all). The eggs hatch in 24-48 hours, remaining in the nest for another 3-4 days, until the yolk sac is completely absorbed, while the male continues to collect and put back those that fall. Koo Yang - MN Transhipper . Betta Smaragdina fait partie des constructeurs de nids de bulles, qu'il installe sous la surface de l'eau. His dorsal and anal fins are also more developed. - Yellow Imbellis (Qty: 10 Pairs) - Blue Imbellis (Qty: 10 Pairs) ... A Couple Shots Of Our Beautiful Discus And Many More Are In Stock That Is Available. 15/08/2020 . Choose a nice male and female. It is essential to feed them little, as this species is prone to eat a lot, with related future health problems. Still in breeding process, hopefully will be avaliable in a couple of months time. Kampffisch Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Labyrinthfische, Kampffische, Fadenfische, Guramis, Makropode,. En effet, le combattant pacifique provient initialement d'une zone aux environs de Kuala Lumpur, mais depuis quelques temps, il est observé à au sud-ouest de Sumatra. Willkommen auf BettaWorld! During feeding time platies can become more aggressive and will eat all the food if they can. This feature, common to all Osphronemidae, is due to the characteristics of their natural environment: they live in stagnant water, puddles and ditches. The introduction of ornamental forms and other Betta species such as Betta splendens has had a proven negative effect on some wild populations’ genetic integrity. 19,90 € TTC. C'est une espèce au tempérament calme . Another alternative is to have your fish laid in a breeding aquarium and remove them after hatching. Eating anything I offer and very active. Betta Unimaculata findet man nach Meyer (1989) in Kalimantan. Betta smaragdina have a graceful, sinuous beauty that is unrivaled by other bettas in the Splendens complex. They feed on small insects and worms but also feed on algae. T°: 22 to 26°C or 72 to 79°FpH: 5 to 7.5Hardness: less than 10°dGH. The tank should have a reasonably airtight lid (some breeders use cling film), as the fry needs access to a layer of warm, moist air, without which the development of the labyrinth organ can be impaired.The couple must not be separated before the deposition. KakeHugs. I am excited to help spread this beautiful species to fellow hobbyists! Feeding Your Betta With Platies. The coloration of the male is brighter than that of the female. or Best Offer. How many female bettas can I have in an 80 litres tank (21 US liquid gallon/17 litre imperial gallon)? The newly born fry are very small, measuring only a few millimetres. Betta imbellis. I was, originally, thinking of keeping a male and a couple females together in my tank which woul dbe completely covered in weed and things for the females to hide in but I didn't want to risk the lives of my fish so I've decided on a sorority. Be sure to research as much as you can about the species. Betta food is a special type of fish food used to feed Betta Fish, also known as the Japanese Fighting Fish. Once the fry starts swimming freely, the male will lose interest, but the adults usually don’t eat their offspring.The fry is large enough to accept food as microworm and brined Artemia immediately, but there are reports of young Betta who have had health problems if fed with excessive amounts of the latter. Betta imbellis . Betta imbellis tel qu'on le trouve souvent en commerce Photo source Betta imbellis sauvage de Malaisie Habitat naturel.. Il est supposé se reproduire naturellement dans le sud (péninsulaire) de la Thaïlande, la Malaisie péninsulaire et le nord de Sumatra. Member. The Betta imbellis is a species of fish belonging to the family of belontiidae. The name imbellis is Latin for “peaceful.” The Imbellis is also known as the Penang Betta or the Crescent Betta and is part of the splendens complex. 12 watching (HB-13) *Avatar Koi Candy* High Quality Live PK Male Betta Fish USA. Like others of the genus, this species seems to do best in relatively dim light conditions. Some boys spawning in the grow-out :) The females are pretty fiery and are almost as colorful as the males. Jack. Bonjours ^ ^ . Worms – Japanese Fighting Fish also love a variety of worms but it is important that they be small or cut up in tiny pieces. 09/08/2020 . His dorsal and anal fins are also more developed. The male of this Betta species builds a bubble nest, where the eggs are kept first and the fry then until they can swim freely.It is particularly important to provide many shelters, shelters, and visual barriers for the female. In the aquarium, They can be provided with dry food, flake food, micro granules, live and frozen food. Gast185971. 04/10/2019 . There are in a real sense many distinctive shading mixes and blade types accessible today. Betta Fish Cotton Face Mask Triple Layers With Filter Pocket Washable UK | eBay . The male then transfers them to his nest while the female retrieves any that had fallen. Sie werden auch Kletterfische genannt, nach einer Art, die angeblich auf Bäume klettert (Anabas testudineus). The male usually takes care of the eggs alone by ventilating them, but exceptions occur depending on the character of the fish. Our new stock Koi HMPK and Fancy HMPK update from next week. Platies can swim faster than bettas so when you’re feeding them you have to make sure that your betta is getting enough food. They are strikingly beautiful and have goofy personalities similar to domestic splendens. More female just updated to our website . Group. Kreuztal, Siegen. Races conseillées pour la cohabitation avec le poisson combattant : L'Ancistrus. on Checkerboard barb (Oliotius oligolepis), on Betta imbellis – the popular Siamese fighting fish, on Pygocentrus Pirayas: large, aggressive piranha from Brazil, on Glowlight Tetra (Hemigrammus Erythrozonus), on Bumblebee Catfish (Pseudomystus siamensis), Betta imbellis – the popular Siamese fighting fish, Pygocentrus Pirayas: large, aggressive piranha from Brazil, Glowlight Tetra (Hemigrammus Erythrozonus), Bumblebee Catfish (Pseudomystus siamensis), Caudal fin with the red crescent-shaped distal band, Posterior anal fin rays colored red distally. Wir betreiben eine kleine Hobbyzucht mit dem Schwerpunkt Betta. $45.90. $18.00 shipping. For me, the best betta fish to keep at home it’s wild betta such as betta Imbellis, Smragdina, Siamo, Mahachai, ... Before this, I have tried to keep a couple of types of modern betta fish such as Koi Plakad, Haflmoon Plakad, Vetail but they all keep dying less in 1 month under my care. Origin: Thailand, Malaysia Biotope: Asian. Races conseillées pour la cohabitation avec le poisson combattant : L'Ancistrus. ! Roots and branches can be used, placed so that shaded areas form; overturned clay pots or pieces of pipe can also be included to provide additional shelter, perhaps hidden by other furnishings.Adding some leaf litter dried (beech, oak, or Indian almond Ketapang are all suitable) further accentuates the natural feel and, in addition to offering additional shelter for fish, induces beneficial growth microbial colonies as decomposition occurs. It then becomes white and opaque, a sign that it contains an oviposition. Local Business in Bangkok, … Feeding Your Betta With Platies. Plus de photo me contacté Combattant qui as besoin de 20 litre d'eau chauffée à 25°. The male may build the nest in a tube or container, under a broadleaf, or among the floating fine-leaved vegetation, usually not tolerating the presence of the female nearby until the nest is complete.Shortly before the eggs’ deposition, the female assumes the nuptial livery; the color of the body pales, and dark bars appear on the hips. Contrary to selected Betta Splendens, cohabitation between males is possible in aquariums from 100 L / 22 Imp Gal / 26 US Gal. Minimum dimensions of the aquarium: 45x30x30h cm for a couple: It does best in a well-planted, shaded aquarium with ample surface coverage in the form of tall trees and floating plants such as Salvinia or Riccia. or. Plus de détails ... Betta splendens COUPLE GIANT SHORTTAIL HALFMOON . In nature, it probably preys on aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates. Typically, install a thick layer of plants over the entire surface (a mixture of floating and Egeria, Cerato, Hydrocotyle that you will let float) and cover the back of the aquarium with plants that provide hiding places for other fish. 04/09/2019 . $35.00 (TN-201) Red Dragon Butterfly Halfmoon Male Betta. Mating generally occurs under the nest in a ‘hug’ typical of the Osphronemidae, with the male wrapping his body around that of the female. $15.00 shipping. In case you don't especially want to keep all the fry, leave them in the main aquarium with the other fish. Un couple sera introduit pour la reproduction. Will probably order glass and get building next week. Which do you think I should breed? Betta imbellis can be housed in pairs, species tanks, and community tanks. They are in smaller tank than i thought but she may have moved them as she has had to move an entire rack of tanks this year, in fact i think she's still in the process of rearranging, so she can move the big boy tank. Identifying Betta imbellis is hard, harder than many suppose because there's a lot of overlap with genuine wild-caught (or at least, wild-type, non-fancy) Betta splendens that have very similar colouration and fin lengths. I'm uploading this footage of my newest betta, who I brought home from Petco a couple of weeks ago. Vierke (1978) fand diese Tiere jedoch im Nordosten Borneos. Substrates can range from leaf litter to mud, sand, or deep sediment. I'm looking for 1 or 2 couples of each of the following fishes: Betta imbellis, Betta stiktos, Betta siamorientalis and Parosphromenus nagyi. How to feed the Peaceful betta? Mange de tout, congeler, vivant, pastille. Many wild bettas can be kept in male/female pairs, like betta imbellis, also known as the "peaceful betta." People also report that when they add cherry shrimp to their tank, their betta immediately attacked them. Once things are over, the couple will position themselves under the nest to mate. Betta albimarginata est un poisson vivant en couple ou en groupe qui réside naturellement à mi-profondeur ou proche du sol. Male driving female to the nest built with floating v . If you think your betta isn’t getting enough food then you have a couple of choices. Betta imbellis Ladiges, 1975 – crescent betta . Note that they will be particularly territorial during the breeding season. The popular natural history . At the peak, sperm and some eggs are released simultaneously, collected by the female between the pelvic fins and the body. What kind of behavior does the Peaceful betta have? S7S hatched underwater, and lies submerged for a considerable time before it ever sees the land. A habitat i discovered two years ago and yesterday i went to collect samples for breeding and future release programs incase their habitat gets threatend by new roadwork through this mountain. Betta imbellis has also been selectively bred for the ornamental fish trade and hybridized with Betta smaragdina , Betta mahachaiensis, and congeners Betta splendens , leading to the development of several color forms not found in nature.Betta imbellis is native to Swamps, small ponds, and paddies in southern (peninsular) Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, and northern Sumatra but has been introduced to other areas with feral populations now established in Singapore. If you think your betta isn’t getting enough food then you have a couple of choices. A voir dans le temps car là ils sont timides ! 4 years ago. It is an additional respiratory organ that allows it to breathe surface air when oxygen is too scarce in the water. Secondary threats may very well be a potential discount of pure habitats in addition to a genetic erosion resulting from escaped farmed species launched again into the wild. I recently went to a fish auction a week ago and one of the things I got was 5 unsexed juvenile betta imbellis. Enfete j adors Jul 26, 2019 - Explore The Wet Spot Tropical Fish's board "Wild Bettas", followed by 1044 people on Pinterest. On the menu: daphnia (red daphnia improve the colour of the fish! $35.00 . $45.00. Like other fish of the anabantoid suborder, the Betta imbellis possesses a respiratory accessory organ known as the labyrinth, which allows them to breathe atmospheric air. Koo Yang - MN Transhipper . The male is very docile. Aquatic plants that can survive in such situations could be added, such as Microsorum, Taxiphyllum, or Cryptocoryne spp., Some floating vegetation bushes would also be useful.Since it naturally inhabits water with little movement, the filtration or the water current coming out of the filter must not be too strong. - fresh and acidic water reply #3. Betta imbellis $75/pr 1 pair in stock. Betta Imbellis are from the south of Thailand and one of my Favorites to breed and has to be one of my most popular bloodlines of fish a Franks Imbellis is something everyone wants. Pairs can be housed in a 10 gallon tank, groups should be housed in a 30 gallon tank or larger. Il a été introduit dans d'autres régions avec des populations sauvages établies à Singapour en autres.… Wild types are hard to find, at least for me, so I decided to get them. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Les alevins tout juste nés sont très petits et ne mesurent que quelques millimètres. Couple breeding in aquarium. The Imbellis has a maze. Professional Betta net back in stock . Pairs should be given cover such as caves and plants. Le Betta macrostoma est un poisson plutôt calme, il peut vivre avec d’autres individus de sa propre espèce si le volume de l’aquarium est suffisant pour permettre aux perdants des rixes périodiques de s’éloigner.. En fonction des individus, l’agressivité est plus ou moins forte, il faudra les surveiller. F018(TW-030) Green Imbellis Wild Male Betta. Good evening! After this critical moment, your fish are saved and you have just successfully reproduced! AllFish Thailand Betta mahachaiensis $75/pr 1 pair in stock. Envois via la poste à 10€ , l'envoi se fait que le lundi. Merci donc de vos réponses Inger & Chain (1962) fanden sie sogar in Bereichen von 2 bis 5 Meter hohen Wasserfällen, jedoch in relativ strömungsarmen Bereichen. ... a couple silk plants, a small tank under gravel heater, and a filter. These foods are ideal because they do not cause digestive problems or obesity. In a pair or species situation it is possible that fry could be discovered in the tanks. The front planting can be lower, with Anubias or Microsorum on supports such as roots for example. Le betta smaragdina appartient à la famille des osphronemidae. The Betta imbellis is a species of fish belonging to the family of belontiidae. To feel safe, the Imbellis need the presence of many plants, especially floating plants. I realize I have gone a bit far. Laissez ce champ vide si vous êtes humain : Home; Mes catégories. Imbellis is found all over south Thailand such as Trang, Palian, Trat, Krabi, Songkhla , fish … If present, even floating plants can be incorporated into the nest. Box à la Cerise; Cerise en Voyage This will prevent draughts and allow the ambient air to approach the water temperature, as it is ultimately the temperature difference that is dangerous for the young fish. I bought what were supposed to be 12 licorice gourami's, but only 6 of them are licorice gouramis and the rest are some sort of betta. Zoology. Alternative species (click on the thumbnail to see the card).

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