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Seat booking : Special Services, all day ticket ( Tram & Bus) & AC Tram Joy Ride (Call : +91 869 773 3745)Excusive Booking : Full TRAM / BUS reservation , (Call : +91 869 773 3318)Visit Joyrambati - Kamarpukur & Mayapur by CTC Buses, online booking through [45] In 2013, 'Charoibeti' and 'Rupasi Bangla', two AC trams, were manufactured at the Nonapukur workshop for heritage tours only. (Route 13 & 14 diversion) Some tram services from Galiff Street, Rajabazar, High Court, Park Circus & Ballyganj were started running via Purabi Cinema. The racecourse terminus was also closed due to the construction of 2nd Hooghly Bridge (now Vidyasagar Setu). Occasional tram service also started from Howrah Station to Nimtala & High Court. Its front and back are straight. Triple-coach trams were tried without success. 5) Ultadanga to Airport Direct tram service from Sealdah Station to High Court started. The decorated tram on the first day of resumption of service. 1873 – Opening of horse tram as meter gauge, closure in the same year. The connecting route through Alipur Road was also opened in that year for a tram connection between Behala & Kalighat, also a second route between Kalighat and Dharmatala. Park Circus tram depot was also constructed at that time. So tram company thought to shift the tram tracks of Dalhousie Square from outside to the inside of the square. 3) Galiff Street to Dakshineshwar Galiff Street Terminus was realigned, irregular service from Bagbazar to Galiff Street became regular service. (Route 40), 1973 - Howrah Bridge – Nimtala - Companybagan section closed. [3] The Planetarium line was closed due to excuse of loss making. Business guests enjoy the breakfast. 1904 - Kumortuli – Bagbazar route opened. Amsterdam Tram 7 Map – GVB Lijn 7 Lijnkaart. Strasbourg Cathedral is minutes away. Route 14 had come back to Dalhousie Square terminus. The number of automobiles was increasing, so it was started occupying tram tracks especially on narrow streets, and tram services got hampered. 1903 – Shyambazar terminus opened with Shyambazar – Belgachhia route opened. Lebutala - Sealdah Station terminus closed for flyover, but trams continued serving Sealdah Station. The line is named 3, after the originally planned metro line 3, which was planned to service most of the current route of tram line 3. [39], The system had degraded by the 1990s, and Minister for Transport Shyamal Chakraborty planned to close the network. March 1, 2020. And transport minister Madan Mitra arrived at the Kalighat tram … 1978 - Esplanade – Planetarium - Hazra Park closed for conversion to metro line 1. Book now at 20 restaurants near Esplanade Tram Stop on OpenTable. However in this year a new terminus in Ultadanga opened near Railway Station. (Later route 41 & 42) and Howrah Station – Shibpur route opened (Later route 40). Both Kalighat & Khidirpur tram depot was converted to electric tram depot. (Later route 31), 1910 - Sealdah Station – Mirzapur – Rajabazar route opened. Kumortuli terminus closed. 1998 - Gariahat Depot – Gariahat Junction route closed. [17] A new route from Sealdah Station to Howrah Bridge (now Rabindra Setu) via Harrison Road (now Mahatma Gandhi Road) was opened on next year, for serving the businessmen, residents, ferry passengers and railway passengers for Howrah Station. And transport minister Madan Mitra arrived at the Kalighat tram … [35] (now Acharya Satyendra Nath Basu Sarani). The decorated tram on the first day of resumption of service. Both Kalighat & Khidirpur tram depot was converted to electric tram depot. Route 11, 20 & 26 had come back to Howrah Bridge terminus. Gariahat tram depot was also constructed at that time. Then transport minister Rabin Mukherjee proposed some new lines and connecting lines. [12] It was followed by a south-central branch towards from Wellington Square to Park Street (now Mother Teresa Sarani) via Wellesley Street (now Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road). Kalighat – Wattganj closed (Route 24, 29, 30). 24/29 [Tollygunge–Ballygunge] was resumed from 14.6.2020 after maintaining safety protocols and social distancing norms. Built by. (Later route 27 & 35). The early morning ride starts at 7 am (the reporting time for the same is 6.30 am) and three others start at 3, 5, and 7 pm. A new terminus was constructed beside Birla Planetarium. Belgachhia depot became a full bus depot. On 19 June, 2014, a driverless tram struck 10 cars. Good availability and great rates. Also with an improved engine, it was used on local and express routes. Burn & Jessop cars – After many years of SLC and articulated trams, rolling stock arrived from, New cars – Before the introduction of the single-coach tram in December 2012, this was the last new rolling stock. (Route 8 had extended to Galiff Street), 2019 - Maniktala - Shyambazar – Belgachhia route closed. 14-02-06-Parlement-européen-Strasbourg-RalfR-025.jpg 4,288 × 2,848; 8.28 MB 1880 – Final opening of horse tram as a permanent system. (Later route 12 & 13). No fatalities or injuries were reported. 1992 - Esplanade – Planetarium route reclosed. See 9 photos from 387 visitors to Station Esplanade ⒸⒺ. The connecting route through Grey Street (now Arabinda Sarani) was opened in that year for a second route between Shyambazar and Dharmatala. Low floor trams . The connection was improved at Bowbazar Junction for through running trams from Dalhousie Square to Shyambazar (Later route 6). Route 11 had started from Shyambazar terminus). For shibpur route, a single coach double-ended tram was selected due to the lack of creating a loop at Shibpur. [citation needed] On 10 October 2013, the Tollygunge-Esplanade tram route reopened after it was closed for seven years when the route was concretised. (Image: Special Arrangement) Rajabazar tram depot was also constructed at that time, which was the largest tram depot in terms of track number. During his reign, tram network again got on threat of closure, because he is a strong anti-tram person. Direct tram service started from Behala to Dharmatala and Behala to Kalighat. The first electric tramcar in Calcutta ran from Esplanade to Kidderpore on 27 March 1902, with service from Esplanade to Kalighat introduced on 14 June of that year. Hotel Esplanade is located on a very convenient spot, right next to tram stop to downtown. Click here for link to Amsterdam GVB Tram System Map 2019, Below you find the complete Amsterdam Tram Line 7 Map. A bus driver attempted to overtake a tram on 31 January, 2013. Amsterdam Tram 7 Timetable Schedule Lijnkaart 2019, Click here for link to Amsterdam GVB Tram System Map 2019, Best Amsterdam Tram Map For Tourists 2019, Amsterdam GVB Tram 19 Map – Lijn 19 – 2019. [5] Started in 1902, it is the second oldest electric tramway in India (the Madras electric street tramway being the first). The connection was improved at Mominpur Junction for alternative service was started from Kalighat to Dharmatala and Dalhousie Square via this route. (Route 19). 1905 - Howrah Bridge – Pagyapatti – Boipara – Purabi Cinema - Sealdah Station route opened (Later route 15). Besides this the city center connection between Dharmatala (now known as Esplanade) & Dalhousie Square (now known as Binay Badal Dinesh Bag) was also established via Old Court House Street (now Hemanta Basu Sarani). Tram Ligne 3 Churchill-Esplanade Bruxelles Conducteur: Jevo Musique: Faithless. [10] By opening those routes, Shyambazar, High Court, Nimtala, Sealdah, Dalhousie Square, Dharmatala and Kalighat area was connected by horse tram. For first phase, first two lines were selected. In 1900, the electrification of the tramway and conversion of its tracks to 4 ft 8 1 ⁄ 2 in (1,435 mm) (standard gauge) began. The workshop is also renovating steel-body (BSCL) cars. (2019). Een andere vraag die hier al een paar keer gesteld is, en ik tot nu toe geen officieel antwoord op had gezien, is van de trambediening in die regio : tram 3 zou naar Neder-Over-Heembeek gaan, tram 7 krijgt hogere frequentie, met helft trams naar Esplanade ipv Heizel (tot de nieuwe sporen er liggen en ze allemaal via Esplanade naar Heizel gaan gaan) We fully appreciate, that the staff let us to accomodate even before check-in hours as we arrived sooner than expected. [42] It was early planned to relaying tram tracks on two sides of the road under the overpass, but it was finally cancelled because of then Mayor Subrata Mukherjee. Nonapukur Workshop opened with Royd Street – Nonapukur route opening (Later route 21 & 22 after re-extension). [46] The state government decided to stop tram-plying on the 37 years old Sealdah Flyover (Vidyapati Setu), after the survey of the bridge-advisory committee officers in 2019 and thus tram-plying along the Mirzapur-Nonapukur, Purabi Cinema-Sealdah and Moulali-Subodh Chandra Mallik Square stretches has also been stopped. Four years later, the Mominpur–Behala route on Diamond Harbour Road closed for the construction of an overpass in Taratala. After the starting of the line 2 of Kolkata metro in 2017, all the Binay Badal Dinesh Bag bound tram routes have been closed for an indefinite time. With some minor repair work being completed in the College Street-Wellington stretch, the fifth tram route between Esplanade and Shyambazar is likely to be resumed next week, he said. [28] In 1967, the Government of West Bengal passed the Calcutta Tramways Company (Taking Over of Management) Act and assumed management on 19 July. (Later route 20, 21 & 22). Low floor trams . So it was decided to close the entire Kolkata tram network within 1980. Direct tram service started from Nonapukur to Howrah Bridge. This route is partly serviced by low-floor trams; Use tramTRACKER® app to check the next three trams at your stop The wheelchair icon indicates low-floor tram Level access stops. Comments: If traveling to the Heineken Factory from Centraal or Dam Square use Tram 24 and take the stop after Weteringcircuit, just over the river and next to the factory. Meter-gauge horse-drawn tram tracks were laid from Sealdah to Armenian Ghat via Bowbazar Street, Dalhousie Square, and Strand Road. In the next year, the direct access of the Behala line via Orphanganjbazar was replaced by present alignment via Wattganj junction for smooth tram service. However other cities had continued tram, but mass closure started from mid- fifties to mid-sixties, where tram networks of Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai gradually closed. Sealdah tram terminus was at that place where now the Kolkata metro line 2 station is under construction. Since 2011, line 3 of Kolkata metro construction was started by elevated method. The Nonapukur workshop began manufacturing 19 new trams from 2008 to 2010, of which four are nearing completion. At first it was planned that there will be two branches, one to Bidhannagar (Karunamayi), another to Airport. (Route 37). It was very few flyovers of the world which had tram tracks. Create your website today. The man was rushed to the hospital for his arm to be reattached. Heritage Tram Tours, Kolkata: "Is the tram route from Esplanade to Khidderpore..." | Check out 7 answers, plus see 657 reviews, articles, and 156 photos of Heritage Tram Tours, ranked No.246 on Tripadvisor among 570 attractions in Kolkata. (, This page was last edited on 4 January 2021, at 22:34. Amsterdam Tram 7 – Tram 7 is not a typical tourist tram, but it can be used from crossing east to west or west to east once in awhile. Due to these issues, there have been occasional talks of either shutting down the network permanently or lowering operations of the system. Calcutta Tramways Company introduced the bus service on 4 November 1992 with a fleet of 40 buses. museum tram. 1882 - Esplanade – Wellington Square – Bowbazar – Boipara - Hatibagan - Shyambazar Junction route opened (Later route 5). 6) Kalighat to Taratala (via New Alipur) On 30 September 2014, a tram, converted into a museum (Smaranika) in Esplanade, was opened to the public. Hence then the old Howrah Bridge was a pontoon bridge, it was not possible to connect Kolkata tram and Howrah tram directly. 1979 - Esplanade – Planetarium reopened. The Brussels premetro- and tramline 3 connects the stop Esplanade (on the borders of Neder-Over-Heembeek, Laken / Laeken and Strombeek-Bever) with the stop Churchill in Ukkel/Uccle.. In 1882, steam locomotives were deployed experimentally to haul tram cars. In Kolkata, a new tram terminus was constructed in Behala, this time on the left side of Diamond Harbour Road for no need for reversing the tram. The both-end type had a front iron net and a rear-coach trolley pole. [23], After again a long 13 years gap, new tram route construction had started again in 1941. [27] Four years later, the old Majherhat bridge was replaced by a new bridge with tram tracks. When D'Andrea heard about the planned network closure, he suggested an art project to decorate the trams (as was done in his home city). Khidirpur & Kalighat were the only steam & horse tram depot at that time respectively. (Later route 31), 1908 - Shyambazar Junction – Galiff Street route opened (Later route 12). [3], In 1900, the electrification of the tramway and conversion of its tracks to 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) (standard gauge) began. Tram tracks were laid down via Dufferin Road through maidan, and on reserved track for high-speed steam trams for morning walkers, tourists, race-course goers, and peoples living on those area. [50][51] State Government also decided to shut down tram-plying on Belgachia Bridge permanently due to the excessive load on the bridge.[52]. Power is obtained from a trolley pole, a current collector mounted on top of the tram. 4) Tollygunge out post to Jadabpur. [22] A new terminus near Racecourse was constructed in next year for race special trams towards Belgachhia, Bagbazar, Galiff Street, Rajabazar, High Court, Nimtala, Park Circus, Tollygunge, Behala & Khidirpur. We fully appreciate, that the staff let us to accomodate even before check-in hours as we arrived sooner than expected. But a good price-value ratio! In the next year a new route opened for steam tram service towards Khidirpur. Hotel with bar, near Train Station Square • 3-star hotel • Free WiFi • Sauna • Fitness center • Comfy beds; [49] In 2019, first A.C. tram route (AC-1) of Kolkata starts which runs between Esplanade and Shyambazar. Racecourse terminus closed. However the Howrah station terminus survived, but it was started redesigning largely. Wattganj – Mominpur route opened (via direct access through Orphanganjbazar). Low floor trams . It was needed construction of pillars through the planned route from Majherhat to Joka, which was mostly served before by tram. [9] One year later, a second route towards north Kolkata up to Shyambazar via College Street was opened for residents and students of medical college, university, and various schools & colleges. It operates in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. 2008 - Dalhousie Square terminus redesigned for underground car parking. Howrah Station – Ghasbagan – Bandhaghat closed, Ghasbagan depot became a goods vehicle stock depot. Picture by Bibhash Lodh : The tram service from Kalighat to Esplanade (Route 29) was to resume after seven long years on Sashthi, the CTC had proudly announced. [10] 1907 - Moula Ali – Nonapukur route opened (Later route 20 & 26 after extension). In the 1st phase, tram service opened between Mirzapur and Purabi cinema for Howrah Station tram routes, and in the next year from Purabi Cinema to Lebutala for Binay Badal Dinesh Bag routes.

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