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S. molesta can form dense vegetation mats that reduce water-flow and lower the light and oxygen levels in the water. Soil is often bare between individual plants, which increases erosion on steep slopes where Ulex europaeus has replaced grasses or forbs. Rinderpest virus was declared eradicated in the wild in 2010. Rinderpest virus a species of morbillivirus causing cattle plague, a highly fatal viral disease of domestic cattle, buffaloes and yaks was listed as one of the '100 of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species'. On Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, they have formed multi-queen supercolonies. It has since been detected in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Ontario (Canada) and parts of Europe. It has escaped from private and public gardens to invade natural areas. It is cultivated by aquarium and pond owners and it is sometimes released by flooding, or by intentional dumping. Common Names: blou kurper, common tilapia, fai chau chak ue, Java tilapia, kawasuzume, kurper bream, malea, mojarra, mosambik-maulbrüter, Mozambikskaya tilapiya, Mozambique cichlid, Mozambique mouth-breeder, Mozambique mouthbrooder, Mozambique tilapia, mphende, mujair, nkobue, tilapia, tilapia del Mozambique, tilapia du Mozambique, tilapia mossambica, tilapia mozámbica, trey tilapia khmao, weißkehlbarsch, wu-kuo yu, Native to southern Europe and North Africa, the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) has been introduced to all continents, except Antarctica and Asia. Comme nous aimons le faire, nous leur avons fait découvrir un menu différent et cette fois ci aux couleurs de TAHITI. See what a handful of them have to say about ScubaCaribe. In Vietnam it has invaded unique ecosystems in protected areas, threatening the biodiversity of seasonally inundated grasslands. Long ‘lag times’ between introduction and development of negative impacts are documented in some invasive species; the development of giant reed as a serious problem in California may have taken more than 400 years. Common Names: Barkaleci, Dai to ue, Gambusia, Gambusie, Gambusino, Gambuzia, Gambuzia pospolita, Gambuzija, guayacon mosquito, Isdang canal, Kadayashi, Koboldkärpfling, Kounoupopsaro, live-bearing tooth-carp, Mosquito fish, Obyknovennaya gambuziya, pez mosquito, San hang ue, Silberkärpfling, tes, Texaskärpfling, Topminnow, western mosquitofish, Western mosquitofish, Hedychium gardnerianum is a showy ornamental which grows over a metre tall in wet climates and grows from sea level to an altitude of 1700 metres. Populations of this pest often crash over time (20 to 60 years) and this should not be percieved as effectiveness of the rosy wolfsnail (Euglandina rosea) as a biocontrol agent. In plantations, it will compete with crops for nutrients, light and water, and reduce crop yields. Absence from the list does not imply that a species poses a lesser threat. Ulex europaeus is a very successful and tenacious plant once it becomes established and is extremely competitive, displacing cultivated and native plants, and altering soil conditions by fixing nitrogen and acidifying the soil. 16-19 Packets = £4.95p In Argentina they have invaded several National parks, influencing native flora and fauna and possibly disrupting ecological processes. Diving in the Cenote An amazing tour of the cenote when diving, majorly impressed! Pic tiaré tahiti Ø 11cm. Caulerpa taxifolia forms dense monocultures that prevent the establishment of native seaweeds and excludes almost all marine life, affecting the livelihoods of local fishermen. … In general, it is considered to be no more effective than native predators of mosquitoes. Personally escorted us to where we needed to be and escorted us back. penguins). Also, urticacious hairs on larvae and egg masses cause allergies in some people. However, due to escapes and releases from fur farms there are now large feral populations in North America, Europe and Asia. Crabe en boîte. They are also important predators and competitors of endangered native amphibians and fish. Common Names: candleberry myrtle, fayatree, Feuerbaum, firebush, fire tree, Mytilus galloprovincialis (blue mussel or the Mediterranean mussel) is native to the Mediterranean coast and the Black and Adriatic Seas. Common Names: acha, aka, aka fala, akataha, fen ge, fen ke, foot-a-night vine, gan ge, gan ge teng, Japanese arrowroot, Ko-hemp, Kopoubohne, kudzu, kudzu común, Kudzu-Kletterwein, kudzu vine, kuzu, nepalem, shan ge teng, vigne japonaise, vine-that-ate-the-South, wa yaka, Pycnonotus cafer (red-vented bulbul) is a noisy, gregarious bird distinguished by a conspicuous crimson patch below the root of the tail. Also known as capitaine, mputa or sangara, it can grow up to 200kg and two metres in length. Common Names: crayfish plague, Wasserschimmel, Ardisia elliptica is a shade tolerant evergreen tree whose fast growth and attractive fruit made it a popular ornamental plant in the past. Common Names: bora-bora, Ceylon privét, Sri Lankan privet, tree privet, troene, Linepithema humile (the Argentine ant) invades sub-tropical and temperate regions and is established on six continents. A native of Central and South America, M. micrantha was introduced to India after the Second World War to camouflage airfields and is now a major weed. Impacts of kudzu in the southeastern USA include loss of productivity of forestry plantations (estimated at about 120 USD per hectare per year), smothering and killing of native plants and denying access to lands for hunting, hiking, and bird watching. - 30 ft Pacif. Ø 9,5cm/ pic ou pince. It is a voracious food generalist and in some locations of its introduced range it has caused the decline of other crab and bivalve species. Trou creusé dans la terre … There have been two destructive pandemics of the disease in Europe and North America during the last century, caused by the successive introduction of two fungal pathogens: Ophiostoma ulmi and Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, the latter much more aggressive. It was super fun and loved it. Typically found in conjunction with other Tamarix species and resultant hybrids, T. ramosissima displaces native plants, drastically alters habitat and food webs for animals, depletes water sources, increases erosion, flood damage, soil salinity, and fire potential. BringMeThat offers food delivery from many restaurants in Woodbridge Melaleuca is notoriously difficult to control, however, bio-control (integrated with herbicidal and other methods) holds a promising alternative to traditional control methods. Common Names: big-headed ant, brown house-ant, coastal brown-ant, Grosskopfameise, lion ant, The oomycete, Phytophthora cinnamomi, is a widespread soil-borne pathogen that infects woody plants causing root rot and cankering. Common Names: ashinaga-ki-ari, crazy ant, Gelbe Spinnerameise, gramang ant, long-legged ant, Maldive ant, yellow crazy ant, The Asian longhorn beetle Anoplophora glabripennis is a large wood-boring beetle that is native to countries in Asia, such as Japan, Korea and China. Chestnut blight only infects the above-ground parts of trees, causing cankers that enlarge, girdle and kill branches and trunks. They will also eat fruit crops and scavenge around rubbish bins and picnic sites. Common Names: Argentine ant, Argentinische Ameise, formiga-Argentina, Lymantria dispar commonly known as the Asian gypsy moth, is one of the most destructive pests of shade, fruit and ornamental trees throughout the Northern hemisphere. Common Names: Caribbean tree frog, common coqui, coqui, Puerto Rican treefrog, Eriocheir sinensis (the Chinese mitten crab) is a migrating crab which has invaded Europe and North America from its native region of Asia. 1 Packet = £0.89p. Common Names: albayalde, cocoa tree-ant, formi électrique, formiga pixixica, fourmi électrique, fourmi rouge, hormiga colorada, hormiga roja, hormiguilla, little fire ant, little introduced fire ant, little red fire ant, pequena hormiga de fuego, petit fourmi de feu, Rote Feuerameise, sangunagenta, satanica, small fire ant, tsangonawenda, West Indian stinging ant, The Global Invasive Species Database was developed and is managed by the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Connect with our expert travel consultants to plan your next trip. Common Names: cluster pine, maritime pine, The protozoa, Plasmodium relictum, is one of the causative parasites of avian malaria and may be lethal to species which have not evolved resistance to the disease (e.g. Would love to go back. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Vacances tahiti, Anniversaire vaiana, Anniversaire tropical. It maintains its presence in food storage in very low numbers and is able to survive long periods of time in an inactive state. Spiny and mostly unpalatable when mature, Ulex europaeus reduces pasture quality where it invades rangeland. Creme Brulee a la Vanille de Tahiti at Bistro L'hermitage "I was pretty excited to try out Bistro L'hermitage out, as I've heard how there was a random French restaurant near the Occoquan area that was pretty good. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. It has been introduced to several places, including Hawaii, Southern USA and the UK, and is grown in cultivation for its edible fruits. Its shading and crowding of native aquatic plants dramatically reduces biological diversity in aquatic ecosystems. Because the seastar is well established and abundantly widespread, eradication is almost impossible. Common Names: common malaria mosquito, Gabelmüche, Anoplolepis gracilipes (so called because of their frenetic movements) have invaded native ecosystems and caused environmental damage from Hawaii to the Seychelles and Zanzibar. Pheidole megacephala are also known to chew on irrigation and telephone cabling as well as electrical wires. Oncorhynchus mykiss is highly valued as a sportfish, with regular stocking occurring in many locations where wild populations cannot support the pressure from anglers. Make bookings thru Scuba Caribe We booked several excursions thru ScubaCaribe, Great prices and they really work to book exactly what you are wanting to do. Common Names: Chineesche Wolhandkrab, Chinese freshwater edible crab, Chinese mitten crab, Chinese river crab, Chinesische Wollhandkrabbe, crabe Chinois, hiina villk�pp-krabi, Kinas cimdinkrabis, Kinesisk ullhandskrabba, Kinesisk ullh�ndskrabbe, Kinijos krabas, Kitajskij mokhnatorukij krab, krab welnistoszczypcy, Shanghai crab, villasaksirapu, The carnivorous rosy wolfsnail Euglandina rosea was introduced to Indian and Pacific Ocean Islands from the 1950s onwards as a biological control agent for the giant African snail (Achatina fulica). It renders extensive areas unusable and inaccessible and threatens native plants. Common Names: beji, Kleiner Mungo, mangouste, mangus, mweyba, newla, small Indian mongoose, Hiptage benghalensis is a native of India, Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Common Names: bay mussel, blue mussel, Mediterranean mussel, Mittelmeer-Miesmuschel, Oncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout) are one of the most widely introduced fish species in the world. Common Names: biganuelo, field mouse, Hausmaus, house mouse, kiore-iti, raton casero, souris commune, wood mouse, Mustela erminea (the stoat) is an intelligent, versatile predator specialising in small mammals and birds. Diagnostic techniques are expensive and require expert identification. The opportunity to control this weed before it becomes a problem should be taken as once established it becomes difficult to control. The staff is very professional and friendly. It is fearless in attacking animals larger than itself and adapted to surviving periodic shortages by storage of surplus kills. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. A cold-tolerant strain was inadvertently introduced into the Mediterranean Sea in wastewater from the Oceanographic Museum at Monaco, where it has now spread over more than 13,000 hectares of seabed. Mongooses are diurnal generalist carnivores that thrive in human-altered habitats. In the introduced range grey squirrels damage trees by eating the bark and in Europe they cause the local extinction of red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) populations through competition and disease. Since 1991, ScubaCaribe has been providing a complete range of diving, snorkeling, tours and water sports for travelers to the world’s best beach destinations. In addition to causing painful stings to humans, they compete with other insects and birds for insect prey and sugar sources. Its invasion and spread leads to the exclusion of native plant species and the reduction of suitable feeding habitat for wildfowl and waders. On peut ensuite (si on veut perdre plus) renouveler les « 4 jours Tahiti » à raison d’une fois par semaine pendant un … It modifies habitats by causing erosion due to its intensive burrowing activity and costs fisheries and aquaculture several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by consuming bait and trapped fish as well as by damaging gear. Sus scrofa are omnivorous and their diet can include juvenile land tortoises, sea turtles, sea birds, endemic reptiles and macro-invertebrates. Native fauna on islands are particularly susceptible. The international spread of BBTV is primarily through infected planting materials. Common Names: Aga-Kröte, bufo toad, bullfrog, cane toad, crapaud, giant American toad, giant toad, kwapp, macao, maco pempen, Maco toro, marine Toad, Suriname toad, The goat (Capra hircus) was domesticated 10,000 years ago in the highlands of western Iran. Renowned for its natural beauty, long white sand beaches and dozens of reefs and wrecks, Bayahibe & Bavaro are ideal destinations for anyone seeking relaxation combined with fun-in-the-sun water sports activities. Common Names: African tulip tree, Afrikanischer Tulpenbaum, amapola, apär, baton du sorcier, fa‘apasÄ«, fireball, flame of the forest, fountain tree, Indian Cedar, ko‘i‘i, mata kō‘ī‘ī, mimi, orsachel kui, patiti vai, pisse-pisse, pititi vai, rarningobchey, Santo Domingo Mahogany, taga mimi, tiulipe, tuhke dulip, tulipan africano, tulipier du Gabon, Although Sphagneticola trilobata is the accepted name for this species, it is widely known as Wedelia trilobata. Copyright © 2020 ScubaCaribe. Common Names: Buchstaben-Schmuckschildkröte, Krasnoukhaya cherepakha, Nordamerikansk terrapin, punakorvakilpikonna, punakõrv-ilukilpkonn, raudonausis vežlys , raudonskruostis vežlys, red-eared slider, red-eared slider terrapin, rödörad vattensköldpadda, rødøreterrapin, rødøret terrapin, Rotwangen-Schmuckschildkroete, Rotwangen-Schmuckschildkr�te , sarkanausu brunurupucis, slider, zólw czerwonolicy, zólw czerwonouchy, zólw ozdobny, The brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) is a solitary, nocturnal, arboreal marsupial introduced from Australia. It may be devastating to highly susceptible avifauna that has evolved in the absence of this organism, such as native Hawaiian birds. Standby nodesare copies of the primary node that automatically take over if the primary node fails. Soupe du Jour 12 Soup of the Day. 2. Salvinia invasions also pose a severe threat to socio-economic activities dependent on open, flowing and/or high quality waterbodies, including hydro-electricity generation, fishing and boat transport.S. Ave. Estados Unidos,Plaza Progreso Local 21, Bavaro,Punta Cana, Republica Dominicana. It naturally occurs in tropical Central and South America, as well as some Caribbean islands and has been introduced to Malaysia, Africa, and Pacific Islands. It is an opportunistic weed which spreads mainly by fouling ship hulls. High seed viability (99%) and seed consumption by both avian and mammalian frugivores can lead to rapid spread across a landscape. It regenerates readily almost everywhere it is planted and in many places it invades natural shrubland, forest and grassland. Joues de Veau Braisees 18 Braised Veal Cheeks with Red Cabbage & Truffle Madeira Sauce. Common Names: Cá Chép, carp, carpa, carpat, carpe, carpeau, carpe commune, carpo, cerpyn, ciortan, ciortanica, ciortocrap, ciuciulean, common carp, crapcean, cyprinos, escarpo, Europäischer Karpfen, European carp, fancy carp, feral carp, German carp, grass carp, grivadi, ikan mas, Japanese domesticated carp, kapoor-e-maamoli, kapor, kapr obecný, karp, karpa, karpar, karp dziki a. sazan, karpe, Karpe, karpen, karper, karpfen, karpion, karppi, kerpaille, king carp, koi, koi carp, korop, krapi, kyprinos, læderkarpe, lauk mas, leather carp, leekoh, lei ue, mas massan, mirror carp, olocari, Oriental carp, pa nai, pba ni, pla nai, ponty, punjabe gad, rata pethiya, saran, Saran, sarmão, sazan, sazan baligi, scale carp, sharan, skælkarpe, soneri masha, spejlkarpe, sulari, suloi, tikure, trey carp samahn, trey kap, ulucari, weißfische, wild carp, wildkarpfen, Common Names: Dreiecksmuschel, Dreikantmuschel, dreisena, Eurasian zebra mussel, moule zebra, racicznica zmienna, Schafklaumuschel, svitraina gliemene, tavaline ehk muutlik r�ndkarp, vaeltajasimpukka, vandremusling, vandringsmussla, wandering mussel, Wandermuschel, Zebramuschel, Zebra-Muschel, zebra mussel, Originally from South America, Eichhornia crassipes is one of the worst aquatic weeds in the world. Discovery Diving Best center. The spread of Clidemia hirta has been linked to soil disturbances, particularly that caused by the wild pig, another invasive species. molesta in 2013 was elected as the one of the 100 of the World s Worst Invasive Alien Species to replace the Rinderpest virus which was declared eradicated in the wild in 2010 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, 100 of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Pic ou pince fleur frangipanier "Avera" * rouge-jaune & perle €7,00. lobata) roots can eventually comprise over 50% of the plant’s biomass, serving as an organ for carbohydrate storage for recovery after disturbance and making it difficult to control with herbicides. Thank You ! Add a photo . Lot to see, eat, do and have fun. Common Names: arundo grass, bamboo reed, caña, caña común, caña de Castilla, caña de la reina, caña de techar, cana-do-brejo, cana- do-reino, cane, canne de Provence, canno-do-reino, capim-plumoso, carrizo, carrizo grande, cow cane, donax cane, E-grass, fiso palagi, giant cane, giant reed, grand roseau, kaho, kaho folalahi, la canne de Provence, narkhat, ngasau ni vavalangi, Pfahlrohr, reed grass, river cane, Spaanse-riet, Spanisches Rohr, Spanish cane, Spanish reed, wild cane, Originally found in far north Pacific waters and areas surrounding Japan, Russia, North China, and Korea, the northern Pacific seastar (Asterias amurensis) has successfully invaded the southern coasts of Australia and has the potential to move as far north as Sydney. 8-15 Packets = £4.30p. Mama's Beach House, Tahiti: See 31 unbiased reviews of Mama's Beach House, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #42 of 218 restaurants in Tahiti. Current control measures focus on rapidly delimiting new infestations, imposing quarantine and cutting down and burning of infected trees. Ø 9,5cm/ pic ou pince . David Chibab is on Facebook. Unclaimed. The young adults fly from the DED infected pupal chambers to feed on healthy elm trees. Considering the extent to which cats are valued as pets, it is not surprising that they have since been translocated by humans to almost all parts of the world. The seastar will eat a wide range of prey and has the potential for ecological and economic harm in its introduced range. In addition, mongoose carries human and animal diseases, including rabies and human Leptospira bacterium. This species prefers habitats with well-developed beds of submergent, floating leaf or emergent aquatic vegetation. Radis roses. A virus that attacks this fungus appears to be the best hope for the future of Castanea spp., and current research is focused primarily on this virus and variants of it for biological control. Salvinia invasion also poses a severe threat to socio-economic activities that are dependent on open, flowing and/or high quality waterbodies, including hydro-electricity generation, fishing and boat transport. Strict laws are also in place to prevent further introductions. Opuntia stricta was considered to be Australia s worst ever weed. Great SCUBA Diving experience First time SCUBA diving in Cancun, was a great experience. In turn, the guava provides favourable conditions for feral pigs, facilitating further habitat degradation. Native to western North America, from Alaska to the Baja Peninsula, Oncorhynchus mykiss have been introduced to numerous countries for sport and commercial aquaculture. Ophiostoma ulmi sensu lato can also spread via root grafts. Salvinia molesta thrives in slow-moving, nutrient-rich warm freshwater. Common Names: aguapé, bekabe kairanga, bung el ralm, floating water hyacinth, jacinthe d'eau, jacinto-aquatico, jacinto de agua, jal khumbe, jal kumbhi, lechuguilla, lila de agua, lirio acuatico, mbekambekairanga, riri vai, wasserhyazinthe, water hyacinth, water orchid, wota haisin, Eleutherodactylus coqui is a relatively small tree frog native to Puerto Rico. Cultivated as an ornamental, it readily escapes from gardens and forms a dense ground cover, crowding out or preventing regeneration of other species. The plants can grow individually in clumps or as dense thickets, crowding out more desirable species. Tropical oceanic islands support unique land snail faunas with high endemism; biodiversity of land snails in Pacific islands is estimated to be around 5 000 species, most of which are endemic to single islands or archipelagos. They also compete with livestock. It is dispersed by birds over short distances and by man over long distances (in garden waste or via the horticultural industry). It is common in disturbed areas, grasslands, shrublands, forest margins, coastal habitats and waste places. It has been recorded as being a weed in Australian rainforests and is extremely invasive on Mauritius and Réunion, where it thrives in dry lowland forests, forming impenetrable thickets and smothering native vegetation. Team Pure and wild 61P. C. pubescens replaces and outshades native vegetation. It forms impenetrable thickets that compete strongly with native species for available soil water, suppress grass growth and may reduce understory species diversity. Staff is super professional and attentive, equipment is recent and new like, they actually spend a fair amount of time teaching you. Jardin Francais 25% Off . Common Names: Bulbul à ventre rouge, Bulbul cafre, red-vented bulbul, Rußbülbül, The American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus (=Rana catesbeiana)) is native to North America. Common Names: alang-alang, blady grass, Blutgras, carrizo, cogon grass, gi, impérata cylindrique, japgrass, kunai, lalang, ngi, paille de dys, paillotte, satintail, speargrass, Lantana camara is a significant weed of which there are some 650 varieties in over 60 countries. Que dis-je en France, en BRETAGNE gach't et plus exactement à Saint-Caradec Trégomel quoi, histoire de s'isoler un peu dans la campagne Morbihannaise et de se ressourcer. It damages native forests in New Zealand by selective feeding on foliage and fruits and also preys on bird nests and is a vector for bovine tuberculosis. Millefeuille de crabe, sauce miso et salade thai Soupe de boeuf et nouille de riz Cabillaud frotté au paprika, creme basilic et risotto aux légumes verts Beignet d’ananas, sauce chocolat et chantilly . It is endemic of North America and is carried by North American crayfish species; signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus, Procambarus clarkii and Orconectes limosus. Ship hull fouling and transport of ballast water have been implicated in its spread and its impact on native communities and native mussels has been suggested by a number of studies and observations (Carlton 1992; Robinson and Griffiths 2002; Geller 1999). It is also a major pest of hardwood forests. It damages or kills other plants by cutting out the light and smothering them. Its extensive rhizome system, adaptation to poor soils, drought tolerance, genetic plasticity and fire adaptability make it a formidable invasive grass. Pommes Frites Maison 10 Homemade french fries. Common Names: Alabalik, Alabalik türü, Amerikaniki Pestrofa, Aure, Baiser, Baja California rainbow trout, Brown trout, Coast angel trout, Coast rainbow trout, Coast range trout, Dagova pastarva, Forelle, Forel rajduzhna, Hardhead, Kamchatka steelhead, Kamchatka trout, Kamloops, Kamloops trout, Kirjolohi, K'wsech, Lord-fish, Masu, Nijimasu, Orret, Pastrva, Pestropha, Pstrag teczowy , Pstruh duhový, Pstruh dúhový, Rainbow trout, Rainbow trout , Redband, redband trout, Regenbogenforelle, Regenbogenforelle , Regenboogforel, RegnbÃ¥ge, RegnbÃ¥gslax, Regnbogasilungur, Regnbueørred, Regnbueørret, Salmones del Pacífico, Salmon trout, Silver trout, Stahlkopfforelle, StÃ¥lhovedørred, Steelhead, steelhead trout, Steelhead trout , Summer salmon, Sxew'k'em, Trofta ylberi, Trofte ylberi, Trota, Trota iridea, Trucha, trucha arco iris, Trucha arcoiris, Trucha arco iris , truite arc-en-ciel, Truta , Truta-arco-iris, Urriöi, Dutch elm disease (DED) is a wilt disease caused by a pathogenic fungus disseminated by specialised bark beetles. The hubs and I came here… 19 oct. 2020 - Vous en pincez pour le crabe ? It may be replacing, or competing with, other native pioneer species in some locations. Tahiti ; Punaauia ; Punaauia Restaurants ; Taapuna Grill; Search. It spreads by wind-dispersed seeds and vegetatively via multiple suckers up to several metres away from original tree once it is established. It favours moist habitats and will grow best in sheltered tropical areas. - 42 ft Atlan. 2-7 Packets = £3.48p. Common Names: bush currant, cancer vert, miconia, purple plague, velvet tree, Micropterus salmoides (bass) has been widely introduced throughout the world due to its appeal as a sport fish and for its tasty flesh. Choucroute de la mer . Common Names: European green crab, European shore crab, green crab, le crabe enragé, le crabe vert, le crabe vert Europeén, shore crab, Strandkrabbe, Caulerpa taxifolia is an invasive marine alga that is widely used as a decorative plant in aquaria. Read-… Common Names: bullfrog, grenouille taureau, North American bullfrog, Ochsenfrosch, rana toro, Stierkikker, A native of the Indian sub-continent, the ship rat (Rattus rattus) has now spread throughout the world.

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